3 Piece Glass Table Set

3 piece glass table set

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Dark Field Glass #1

Dark Field Glass #1

First attempt at lighting a glass using the "glass field" method from the book "Light Science & Magic".

The method entails having a piece of black card fill the viewfinder completely and lighting the surround of the black card very brightly (this causes the white edges of the glass).

Setup: Dark card 24x36 cm set on dining table. 2 SB-800 flashes behind the black card aimed at the left and right side.

Problems: When the black card filled the viewfinder, I still got a bit of light creep at the sides and I had to move the camera quite close to the card. In order to reduce reflections from the room, I had a black piece of foamboard at the left and right side of the glass (with a 3" gap behind the background and the gobo to allow light through to give the edge definition) and a black piece of carton over the top. Despite all this black encasing, there are still refelctions in the glass: I can see the white wall and staircase behind the camera in the middle of the glass and I think it's the table behind the glass that is visible in the bottom left and right of the bowl of the glass.

I suspect the problem is that the walls behind the camera is quite close so the light doesn't have sufficient distance to fall off.

Phat and Loaded! gummy bears

Phat and Loaded! gummy bears

Just do me a favor and VIEW THIS LARGE, or even ORIGINAL (and, grab a piece of candy next to you while you're at it!) !

Placed a bunch of empty beer bottles behind to bokeh them for an exciting background (well at least I feel it is more interesting than the wall).

Feel free to add a note and box a gummy bear, with this in mind, "Which one would you eat first upon seeing them all lined up like that?"

But if you are really hardcore (or have nothing better to do) you can even pick your favorite piece of icing on the gummy bears and try to put a tiny box around your favorite one. This is a 'Loaded!' gummy bear, which makes it more special than a regular gummy bear.

I was so tempted to overdo the saturation on this one and postprocess the heck out of it, but restrained myself by filling my mouth with candy.


SB-600 in front of subject pointed vertically. Umbrella in front of subject pointed vertically. SB-600 and umbrella slightly to left over subject. Tablelight at full blast into the background to reflect light off bottles. Light also hit back of subject.
TTL mode at -0.3 setting at 50mm. Again a Kodak Ultra Color 100UC filter added for saturation.

3 piece glass table set

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