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Large Dining Room Table And Chairs

large dining room table and chairs

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Family, Cemeteries, Bloodlines, and Cake (5/365)

Family, Cemeteries, Bloodlines, and Cake (5/365)

Today was a family day.

My dad wanted me to go to this get together with a distant branch of the family. Harriet and Norbert had invited quite a few people to their house for dinner and a talk on a bit of the family history. First though, we met at a gated cemetery next to some train tracks to dedicate a stone Harriet had just purchased for I her great grandfather who died in 1923, Harvey Augustus Rumple. His siblings were supposed to have purchased a stone for him, but never did. Harriet was afraid that if her generation didn't do something, he would be forgotten. The place where the stone that Harriet purchased now sits is not known for certain to be his exact place of burial, because the cemetery didn't keep records, but he is somewhere in that cemetery. The spot they placed his grave marker was chosen because his daughter, Katherine was buried next to the space. Everyone gathered around and a few pictures were taken of the group by various people. Then Harriet spoke a bit about Harvey using some written accounts she had. He and his wife had tried to make a go of it in Indiana but couldn't find good enough farm land, then moved to Missouri. When Katherine was around three years old, Harvey's wife Cornelia died. He traveled back to North Carolina by wagon with three children.

Then we went to Harriet's house for dinner. Dinner was a massive amount of Japanese takeout. Since this is a distant part of our family, lines that had not been all together in God only knows how long, I didn't know many people, and even the ones I did know I didn't know very well. I'd met Harriet, Norbert and their son Duane several times before, and I'd met Margaret once at a concert. Since that time, Margaret and I had become friendly on Facebook, but I felt like she was disappointed with me in person. Jimmy, her brother, came up to me at one point and told me that Margaret had told him in the car (on the way from the cemetery to the house) that she could not believe how quiet I was. I was a little let down by this, because I thought I'd been making quite an effort to be chatty, especially with her. Guess that really didn't come through. I'm always known as the "quiet" one it least until a person gets to know me well. We chatted, but I sensed even before her brother came up to me that Margaret was surprised, and not really in a good way... "It was like she was disappointed that I wasn't who she thought I was," I recounted to Jennifer later on the phone. The thing is, I really am who I am through writing, not who I am when I'm in groups of people I don't know... I just told Jimmy that I was more of a writer than a talker. Ah well.

After dinner my dad, Harriet, and Dr. Freeze (everyone calls him that, instead of by his first name...Jenna said it sounded like a super villain's name) gave talks on the family. Duane set up some sort of recording device in front of them. We all sat around a large dining room table in the many chairs arranged around it, and photographs were passed around by various people there. The old photo of the young girl in my collage is Katherine Rumple Simmons, Harvey's daughter. She lived from 1892 to 1985. Her grave is also pictured.

The cake we had after dinner reads "John + Phillip Rumple" because John was my dad's third great grandfather, and Phillip was Harriet's third great grandfather. They came down to North Carolina from Pennsylvania together during the Fall of 1794. Apparently, when Norbert went to get the cake, and said what text he wanted on it, the decorator asked if it was for a birthday. Norbert said "Yeah, can you put 200 years on there?" She apparently just sort of started and looked at him strangely. It's funny that all these family connections and family history came together through technology. My dad made contact with Harriet and her part of the family through the Internet some time ago.

Also of note, this was the first day I've set up a shot with a tripod. My mother and I had been wanting a recent family picture for a while now. So after the get together at Harriet's, which lasted until after 9pm, I set up a shot of all of us together. It's the first family picture of all four of us that we've had in forever.

September 27, 2009

Dining table and chairs

Dining table and chairs

These chairs were my great-grandmother Swan's and date from about 1900. I bought the table from Leon's back in 2001 to go with them. I'm very happy with them and certainly don't have room for a larger dining room table, but as you can see my dinner parties are perforce very small and select.

On the right you can see two floor vents. One is new because whatever brainiac bought the old one got the size wrong and it kept falling through. The other I repainted.

On the left on the trim is one of the three electrical outlets in the room. Whoever originally installed them put in brown ones, presumably to go with the then-natural wood trim. At some point when the trim was painted cream whoever did it decided to make the outlets match by painting right over them. I replaced them all, rolling my eyes all the while.

large dining room table and chairs

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